Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Pre-RoughCut Tests

Here is the link to the youtube video:

I think it needs to be tighter.

+We need a quick shot of the bottle in the cauldron.

Camera test today

Today we will be doing a camera test on site. We are still looking for some props and trying to get a model who will fit our schedule and the profile we are looking for.

Among the props we still need are:

Sickle (old looking one)
Cauldron (old style, not huge but big enough)

More info coming soon

Tuesday, October 11, 2011




WOMAN enters the forest.


WOMAN walks in the forest. Woman leaves the path and starts
cutting malt and gathering fruits.


WOMAN arrives and puts ingredients in a cauldron. She does
ritual movements. Smoke comes out of the cauldron. Woman
takes out a beer from the cauldron. WOMAN drinks the beer.

"La Paienne" "A celebration of mother nature"

Location scouting - stills

Mood board - Music xxx

Mood board - Location

Mood board - Style/Mood

Rhythm of video and details of nature

Filter color

Mood board - Clothes

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A couple more

Le corne du diable

The devil is eating carbon and is getting angry. but then he takes one of his horns and serves himself some beer, drinking afterwards. He has calmed the fire inside him and now he's smiling. Text" Le corne du diable Refresh the fire inside you"

Blanche du paradis

A man walks on an elegant and well lit building which is illuminated by a bright light that comes from one door. The man walks through the door and now he is walking on pure light, then from the light comes a woman dressed in white which gives the man beer to drink. The man drinks an is enveloped by the light. Text "Blanche du paradis A divine experience"

Péché mortel


Better than paradise


Thierry Lord & Victor Vargas Villafuerte


A man can't resist the temptation of Péché Mortel and condemns his soul for eternity.


A couple is having a romantic dinner. They are drinking water but the woman serves Péché Mortel, offers to him but he refuses. Now she has red eyes and a snake on her neck. She gets closer to him in a sensual way, holding the beer and then pours beer on his mouth. At the end both of them have red eyes. Text appears: Péché mortel better than paradise.

La Paienne


A celebration of nature


Thierry Lord & Victor Vargas Villafuerte


A maiden gets in the depth of the forest to celebrate a pagan rite (drink beer)

Elevator pitch

A maiden cloaked walks in the forest collecting some herbs. She arrives to a worshiping site and starts an ancient ritual. At the end she produces a glass of beer which she drinks. Text appears: "La Paienne" "A celebration of mother nature"

Dernière volonté


Have one for the long road


Thierry Lord & Victor Vargas Villafuerte


A man in his deathbed asks for his Dernière Volonté


  • A man in his deathbed asks his family to bring him his dernière volonté. He drinks the beer and then expires. Text appears: "Dernière volonté" "Have one for the long road"

  • A man in his deathbed asks his family to bring his his dernière volonté beer. He holds it and then gets up and walks out with and angel/devil. Then we see that his family is crying and the man's body is on the bed. Text appears: "Dernière volonté" "Have one for the long road"

Cult leader


The Guardians of Heaven
The Sons of Heaven
The Crusaders of the Sun
The Zealous Knights
The Light Spreaders
The Expiators


Thierry Lord and Victor Vargars Villafuerte

Log Line:

Jacques Tremblay explains us why we should join his ''group'' (sect) and does in a very convincing way.

Elevator Pitch:

The video is inspired by charismatic cult leaders who tried to influence people. Jacques will be scary in an non-intentional way and we will obviously show his manipulative skill. The overall ad should feel awkward and creepy. Most of the ad will consist of Jacques being in front of the camera and talking like if he was directly delivering a message from god.

Problem Solver


The Problem Solver
No More Problem, Ever


Thierry Lord and Victor Vargas Villafuerte

Log Line:

We present you Boris the russian former KGB agent who has now turned himself into a problem solver.

Elevator Pitch:

The ad will be inspired by the guy in Pulp Fiction who solve problems. There will be a narrator explaining in details what are the services offered by Boris, the problem solver. Boris is an ex-KGB agent who's now doing any jobs for a living. From gardening, babysitting, driving your kids to school, taking care of your kittens during your vacation to spying on your suspicious wife, hiding an indesirable body, murder your annoying neighbor. It will have an infomercial feel and there will be many examples displayed.

Funeral Photography




Thierry Lord & Victor Vargas Villafuerte


Boris and Igor present the funeral photography services of "Aftermath photography"

The ad is a satire of the use of photo manipulation and unnecessary services. The two representatives of the funeral photography company will present both "at the ceremony" and "Everlasting Memory" services. The "At the ceremony" will consist in the documentation and "enhancement" of the ceremony, with option such as adding personalities in the funeral, increasing tears on the attendants and making the corpse look great. The "Everlasting memory" services will consist in upgrading the past of the deceased with a new past, one full of friends, travels and luxury. Just the way people want to remember their loved ones.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011